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We Offer Pool Winterization

Our team of professionals understands the importance of proper pool startup procedures

Proper pool winterization is essential to protect your pool during the colder months and ensure it is ready to use when warmer weather returns. At our company, we specialize in pool winterization services to help our clients safeguard their investment and extend the life of their pool.

As the temperatures begin to drop, it's essential to take the necessary precautions to prevent damage to your pool. Without proper winterization, your pool can suffer from freezing water, which can cause cracks in the plaster and damage to the pool's mechanical components.

Our team of experts will take the necessary steps to ensure your pool is protected during the winter months. We begin by lowering the water level to below the skimmer and blowing out the pool's plumbing lines to remove all water. This ensures that any remaining water in the lines does not freeze and cause damage. We also add a winterizing chemical to the water to keep it clean and clear during the off-season.

After the pool has been drained and the plumbing lines have been cleared, we will install winterization plugs and seals to protect the skimmers, returns, and other pool components from the elements. We also remove any accessories such as ladders, diving boards, and slides, and store them safely for the winter.

Finally, we install a durable winter cover over the pool to keep debris out and prevent sunlight from entering the water. This helps to maintain water chemistry and prevents algae growth, which can be a problem during the off-season.

Hire An Expert To Your Pool Winterization Setup

At our company, we believe that proper pool winterization is essential to protect your investment and extend the life of your pool.

Here's what our satisfied customers are saying...

Ed A

The Pool Man has been taking excellent care of our pool since we built it in 2012. The weekly service is always done timely and professionally. When we’ve needed repairs and maintenance they have always made it a priority. Thanks to the entire staff at the Pool Man, you make our summers great!

Debra S

Today, Joe and Ray came to replace the ropes on my automatic pool cover that broke last night. They were both respectful, quick and wonderful! The Pool Man charged me less than I paid for the same service with my regular regular pool repair company five years ago! I am so pleased! I will be calling The Pool Man next time my pool needs service!

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